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StratusStaff is a Global Digital Workforce Service provider dedicated to delivering top-notch customer experience. Our Professionals was personally handpicked by our CEO and trained with the best of the best people around the world in every time zone. We work with an aim to deliver excellence in any work we carry out. We can help build strong and stunning online experiences for you and your customers.

Our PODS (Professional Organized Dedicated Support) are divided into three (3) pillars, KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY and TALENT. These are the reason why three heads is better than one. Imagine you have three brains and six hands to work with a single project. These brains can work individually with their two hands. This is the concept created by our CEO to makes us DIFFERENT from any other companies or freelancers. A Client’s project is getting done simultaneously by three staff members with three different tasks in their hands.

StratusStaff sees the value of your time in every minutes of our work. The work we do is the WORK. This is the reason why we offer an hourly rate, so you could see what we can do for you in just an hour. We always make sure that our customer’s satisfaction is our number 1 priority. And give our assurance that our products and services are worth every penny.

Fill your tank, with StratusStaff!
When you hire StratusStaff, you hire a POD talented and trained

StatusStaff started not long ago, but the people behind this company build its foundation from years of experience. They have been serving 46% of schools of business for many years. Ivy League coders went to Ivy League School (one of the requirements is a perfect score in SAT-Scholastic Aptitude Test) and they went home. Then Stratusstaff.com was born, which it took them 35 years to perfection. They created a curated and perfected community of stratusstaff.com talents in every time zone. They have studied and learned the ways of Remote Workers around the world and build a system for the company and made it very successful.

This Company is powered NYDLA.org, where is has 5.5M+ members of Professionals and talents around the world. This is one of the foundations of StratusStaff.com that really made us different from our competitors. NYDLA.org has built a community and network of renowned personalities and companies, which also includes dozens of hard to find Professional Remote Workers with strong work ethic that places a high value on doing a good job. NYDLA.org with StratusStaff.com has been doing a great job in helping their clients and members to LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY in the CLOUDS from their HOME for the past 35 years.

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