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Today’s Technology allows us to get everything and anything done for you.
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Professional Organized Dedicated Support

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We Are Different

This is how we make Digital Living possible for you. A Client will start with three (3) of our Professionals. We only hire the Best of the Best remote workers around the world, to work with you directly. 

With a Single Sign Up, you’ll get 3 Staff members for the Price of One.

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The thing that we are offering is the core, the essence of our culture. This is why only the best of the best can work in our company. Put Stratus Staff to work for you and Thrive, not just Survive in the global marketplace

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Our Digital Solutions

WordPress. DotNet. JavaScript. PHP.

BigCommerce. Shopify. WooCommerce.

React Native. Xcode/Swift. Java/Kotlin. Flutter.

Enterprise Mobility. DevOps. BI Solutions.

Manual. Automation and Performance Testing.

App Design. Web Design.

“We have been serving 46% of schools of business for many years. Ivy League Coders went to Ivy League School (one of the requirements is a perfect score in SAT-Scholastic Aptitude Test) and they went home. Then was born, it took us 35 years to perfection.”

Thomas Capone – CEO at

we can handle any industry

The curated and perfected community of talents in every time zone.


Right from the online examination system to the immersive AR/VR learning apps, our team can help education institutes to provide insightful, useful, and attractive digital solutions.


Having extensive experience and knowledge in Retail domain, we build end-to-end next-gen Retail IT solution that can help to efficiently manage supply-chain, inventory, warehousing etc.


With an aim to simplify and improve preventive and curative care of an individual, we offer a wide range of Healthcare IT solutions to modernize the processes of the Healthcare sector.

This Is
What We Do

If you are an Entrepreneur,  Student, seeking for Employees, Business Owner, Remote Worker, Online Seller and more, then you are in the right place because will give you the Digital solutions.

With a Single Sign Up, we can build all these kind of websites for you.

That's Why
We're The Best

Because we are Living, Learning, Working and Playing in the Clouds for years. Distance Education is just now Education. Remote Work is just Work. Telemedicine is just Medicine.. The list goes on. this is the new cloud economy.

With a Single Sign Up, you get 3 Best of the Best Remote Workers around the World


We provide highly configurable logistics and workforce management solution that can be integrated with multiple platforms which results in complete automation and high security.


Our Finance IT solutions can cater to the wide range of finance and banking institutes through scalable banking solutions, data analytics solutions, mobile payment and wallet solutions.


We offer a wide range of Business from Home and IT Solutions using modern technologies which lead to improved user experience and, an increase in sales, productivity and customer satisfaction.  

Sign Up starts at $10 per hour!
Try our Prepaid Plan!

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